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List of New Poems

Flip Flop Mitt


Wind Me Up Chuck

The Godfather of Go-Go

Walkin' While Black

The Howard Theatre


Love, Peace & Soul

Cain Ain't Able

Pull Your Pants Up (long version)

The Stone Of Hope

Sacred Ground

Love In 3-D

The Gorilla-Griot

The Ophra Winfrey Show

Washington, DC

Mowtown Part 1

Mowtown Part 2


Common Courtesy

Color Me A Love Song

Reclaim The Dream

TEA-Party Klan Part 1

TEA-Party Klan Part 2

The Highest Height

Friends & Lovers

The Temptations

Where There's A Will

Health Is Wealth

Pride And Joy

Soul Train

Black Love

The Gambler's Creed

Hope For Haiti

Class Act

Lovers & Friends

Miss You Much

A Message To Michael

The Epic Hero


Man in the Mirror

Baddest of the Bad

The King of Pop

The King of Love

Yes We Can

No Justice No Peace


Super Star

The Bling Bling


The Healthcare Poem

Leaders Of The Pack


Pull Your Pants Up

The N-Word Poem

The Shock-Jock

Clean Up The Music

The Law Of Attraction

The Godfather Of Soul

Wings of a Song

You'll Never Find

Richard Pryor

Mother of the Movement


An Army of One

Lady O

Lion Of The Senate

Tiger On The Loose

List of Poems from Color Me Poetry


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Now Available List of Poems
Color Me Poetry
© 2005

"Danny Queen is a people's poet. Queen's newest collection of rhymes are accessible, reader-friendly, and exuberant. I especially enjoyed the poems that give props to our musical royalty. Love, inspiration, music, family and food for thought - you'll find it all in Color Me Poetry."
Joy Jones, Author of Private Lessons: A Book of Meditations for Teachers

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Wake Up Call: The Final Call
© 1994

"A book that should be read by everyone, black and white. But I'll warn you now that you will be shocked by its blatancy, stung by its honesty and you most surely will have some of your sensibilities offended. But isn't that what a slap in the face is supposed to do?" - Sally Matero

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Wings of the Whirlwind: A Tribute to the Honorable Marcus M. Garvey
© 1989

"Marcus Garvey was more than just an activist, he was force of nature, an organizer and leader of the African-American movement. The spirit of Marcus Garvey is alive and well in the jarring, razor-sharp poetry of Daniel Queen."
Sally Matero

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2007-2008 Astrology Calendar

A collection of poems written by Poet Danny Queen.

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Soft Music at Midnight

Lose yourself in the sensuous, scintillating tenor sax – feel it swathe you like a warm, gentle wind meandering across the island... at midnight. Blowing gauzy dreams across your landscape. Soft music... at midnight elevates you, prods you out of the mundane and settles you into a place of supernatural love and peace. A dream to savor avec votre amour.

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An Army of One

Poems performed and written by Poet Danny Queen with music by Brother AH.

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Chocolate City Candy

Poems performed and written by Poet Danny Queen with music by Brother AH.

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Moonlight Sunshine

If you have not heard this young man's work, you will be amazed at the depth and range of his emotional voice. - Bennet Pomerantz

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Color Me Poetry - Soundtrak To A Dream
© 2000

Soundtrak To A Dream is a masterful blend of poetry creatively addressing some of today's societal issues in spoken word by Danny Queen with the innovatively ingenious rhytms of the New York's Birdland and Sun Ra playing, Miles Davis, John Coltrane accompanying elite musical genius Brother Ah (Robert Nortern).

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